Rockingham Classroom Pages



Our classroom pages are here to keep parents, family and friends of our children up to date and involved in what is happening at Sandhills Children’s Center.




Classroom No. 1 (1-year olds) – Jackie Blue, Minnie Ratliff, Mozelle Campbell  VIEW PAGE


Classroom No. 4 (Infants) – Megan Ingram, Kelli Williams, Daphine Watkins  VIEW PAGE


Classroom No. 5 (3-year olds) – Robin Caulder, Mary Redfearn, Kathryn Short  VIEW PAGE


Classroom No. 6 (2-year olds) – Faye Quick, Pamela Eseigbe, Jennifer Ratliff  VIEW PAGE


Classroom No. 7 (3-year olds) – Lea Ann Pilotte, Dana Treece, Tamilya Barrett  VIEW PAGE


Classroom No. 8 (4-year olds) – Tracy Blake, Lauren Buie, Culinda Short  VIEW PAGE


Classroom No. 9 (4 and 5-year olds) – Cassie Cloninger, Cherneise Wall, Brittanee Moore  VISIT PAGE

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