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Our classroom pages are here to keep parents, family and friends of our children up to date and involved in what is happening at Sandhills Children’s Center. Here, you’ll find pictures, notes and updates each month from our nine classrooms. Enjoy!





Preschool Classroom No. 1 – Educational Specialist: Janna Kennedy; Associate Teachers: Julie Formanski and Demetrius McMillan >>Visit Page


Preschool Classroom No. 4 – Educational Specialist: Jelena Shaw Moore; Associate Teachers: Brenda Simmons, Kristen Ingram and Carrie Leach; Special Assistants: David Williams and Irene McNeill >>Visit Page


Toddler Classroom No. 5 – Lead Teacher: Anna Grove; Associate Teachers: Detria Buie,  Paulette Greenfield >>Visit Page


Toddler Classroom No. 6 – Educational Specialist: Paula Daigle; Associate Teachers: Alexis Allen and Johnny Ward >>Visit Page


Infant Classroom No. 7 – Lead Teacher: Linda Martin; Associate Teachers: Teresa Brewington and Shannon Brooke >>Visit Page


Preschool Classroom No. 9 – Educational Specialist: Melissa O’Connor; Associate Teachers: Jason Dowdy, Sarah Easley and Amy Reese  >>Visit Page


Preschool Classroom No. 10 – Educational Specialist: Ann Howard; Associate Teachers: Evelyn “Buttons” Webb and Tracy Rothwell


Toddler Classroom No. 11 – Lead Teacher: Barbara Marsh; Associate Teachers: Lasha Newsome and Sandy O’Donnell >>Visit Page


Toddler Classroom No. 12 – Educational Specialist: Carolyn McLean; Associate Teachers: Angela Caviness & Dwylett Cook >>Visit Page

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