Sandhills Children’s Center opened its doors on September 15, 1970 with Sheri Davis as our first child.  At that time, parents and advocates for children were witness to the birth of early intervention programs across the state that created a system for which North Carolina has been recognized as a leader ever since.

From one child in 1970 to hundreds served by Sandhills Children’s Center today, our growth and accomplishments represent the hard work and dedication of exceptional employees, a committed Board of Directors, and a generous and responsive community.  Sandhills Children’s Center continues to evolve year after year as we rise to meet the growing needs of very young children.

The geographical impact of our efforts has spread across this south central region of North Carolina to include Moore, Richmond, Montgomery, Hoke, Scotland, and Anson counties.  Through this expanded mission, children and families throughout many, many square miles have been blessed with the opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Years of Success


1970    A group of parents opens Moore County Children’s Center with the help of United Way; Sheri Davis is the first child served at Our Savior Lutheran Church.

1971    Enrollment is 10 children with disabilities.

1985    Enrollment is 60 children at Brownson Presbyterian Church.

1988    Children’s Center moves operations to new campus at 1280 Central Drive in Southern Pines.

1989    Name is changed to Sandhills Children’s Center to reflect broad  geographic areas of service.

1990    Inclusive classroom model is adopted.

1997    Sandhills Children’s Center receives North Carolina Program of Excellence Award. Facilities are expanded for therapy and educational space.

2004    Outreach program implemented  to  provide home-based services.

2008    Sandhills Children’s Center opens its Rockingham Campus.

2009    Rockingham Campus officially receives five-star license and rating from  NC Division of Child Development and Early Education.

2011    Sandhills Children’s Center serves over 500 children in center-based and outreach programs.

2011    The Children’s Center provides therapeutic and educational services for 230 children.

2011    Sandhills Children’s Center food program receives Creative Menu Award.

2012    Sandhills Children’s Center serves 300 children in Moore, Richmond, Hoke and Scotland Counties.

2017   Sandhills Children’s Center’s voted Best Daycare of the Sandhills in The Best of the Pines competition.

2018  Rockingham Campus celebrates 10 years in Richmond County.

2018-2019 Budget of $3,702,533