Our Vision

To constantly strive to be a recognized leader and preeminent provider of educational and therapeutic services to young children through continuous organizational growth and collaboration with our community partners.



Since our founding over 40 years ago, we have emphasized the important role family involvement and support play in the success of children with disabilities to reach their full potential.

Our inspiration to succeed in our mission comes from the children we serve and their families.  We are blessed each day to watch the children in our care meet their special challenges and achieve their developmental milestones.  Working with families who daily overcome difficult obstacles to provide the very best they can for their children requires a broad support system.

Each family of a child with special needs receives the support of professionals who coordinate to provide educational and therapeutic services, advocacy, emotional support and the resources to help families navigate their challenges.  For one family, their child may receive these services at one of our center-based campuses or for another family, an outreach specialist and therapist may visit the home.  Our ultimate goal is to provide the support families need to help their children be the very best they can be.

When Children Succeed,We all Succeed.


Our Partners

We are a Member Provider with ChildCare Aware of America. This Military Fee Assistance Program provides subsidies for eligible military dependents enrolled in our child care program.